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alternative health programs

With awareness in mind, the following programs were created to assist the holistic and health care community expand complementary care across Southern California, and beyond.


Holistic health is based around the idea that you are mind, body and sprit. When all of these parts are in harmony with each other, you operate as a whole being. Stress, anger, fear, anxiety and more have harmful affects on this balance. Physical warnings begin with a headache or inability to sleep and build to disease. Our holistic health programs use natural methods as a lifestyle approach and are designed for specific needs.



Vibration plays an important role within the body, at a cellular level. Our bodies operate at a healthy frequency. When this frequency drops, disease occurs. The use of vibration within our programs is aimed at providing harmony/resonance with the cells of your body for prevention or to regain alignment.


According to NCCIH, more than 30 percent of adults and about 12 percent of children use health care approaches developed outside of Western medicine. With a mission to broaden awareness, we offer a variety of integrative health programs for hospitals and health care centers using Reiki, Meditation and Vibrational Reiki to offer a holistic approach to health and allow for the advancement of further evidence-based research.



To broaden our reach, we have partnered with many centers and studios who have service offerings within holistic health – including Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Nutrition – to offer classes and workshops on Healing Circle, Holistic Health and Sound Bath within the Southern California community.

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holistic healing sessions

Private sessions are by appointment only and personalized to your unique needs. Please request a timeslot using our online form or call (949) 667-9373. Emergency appointments will be accommodated the same day, during non-business hours. For those in physical pain, we will travel to your location within Orange, LA, Riverside and San Diego counties.

Free Reiki

free reiki
For anyone dealing with Cancer, Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). If you are the spouse or an immediate family member caring for someone with Cancer, we understand that the stress can be harmful to your health as well. Please contact us for discounted rates. Discount rates extended to Cancer survivors as well.


free reiki
Offered to seniors, members of the military and military families and cancer survivors. We also extend special rates to those who are in care services, such as nursing, or care givers as research has shown that these kind individuals are at greatest risk of burnout. Faculty members are also offered special rates as part of any pilot program within their facilities.


free reiki
As part of our mission to provide equal opportunity to everyone who is interested in alternative modalities, every other Friday from 1-3pm we offer donation-based Reiki. Sessions are 30-minutes, by request only. Please fill out our request form and we will contact you with available dates. Due to high demand, sessions can only be booked 6-months in advance.

Private Sessions

free reiki
We use a variety of methodologies for mind-body and holistic health including Reiki, Vibrational Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Medical Reiki, Emotional Sound Healing, Chakra Reading and Clearing and Spiritual Counseling. Please call or Request a Timeslot for your personalized, private session. For those experiencing physical pain, we will travel to your location.

About Us

The Amaya Center was founded to help allow those who are interested in reawakening their body's natural healing abilities and to remember that that your body has intelligence to heal itself of anything, given that you allow for this intelligence to do its work. We are a center for self-healing, prevention and holistic health.

Our mission is to inspire physical and mental healing through mind-body and energy therapies.

Workshops & Events

Every Thursday

1st & 3rd Friday

Call (949) 667-9373 to reserve

Workshop proceeds go towards the expansion of our programs

Program Expansion

Through donations and workshops, we're able to expand our programs in the following ways:

1) Continue to extend free services to those with Cancer, Fibromyalgia and RA and other outreach programs
2) Expand programs in hospitals and healthcare centers
3) Offer more volunteer services in the Southern California community
5) Expand low cost programs to allow for equal opportunity

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